The Return of Ganondorf (SFM)

TheZonegamer team has decided to start using Source Filmmaker for animation and this has resulted in their first 3D animated short featuring The Legend of Zelda characters, Young Link, adult Zelda, Ganondorf and a bunch of Hyrule guards from The ocarina of Time, but just what happens when TheZonegamer and Source Filmmaker (SFM) come together? Well there's just say a lot of magic.

Ganondorf's return is imminent and he's back stronger than ever but this is obviously unbeknownst to the adoring princess and little Hylian boy in green garbs who can't seem to stop ogling the Princess' chest. There's a lot of unanswered questions in this video but it's best to just savour the moment rather than questioning the mysterious happenings which occur in this particular seating. Check out the return of Ganondorf below.


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